Too old for You?

29 Januar 2019

When it comes to classic car tyres, we simply refer to those tyres that have been made throughout the prewar and vintage periods. If you own classic cars and you want to enhance its look in a more stunning way then vintage tyres work best for you.

Cross-ply vintage and classic tyres

A cross-ply tyre is usually made up of textile cord layers that are superimposed. Basically, it comes with cords that run in alternating angles from one bead to another. With this specific design, the tread and sidewalls aren’t differentiated, giving great rigidity to the tyre structure.

A cross-ply vintage-classic tyre the width and height of the tyre over the rim are almost equal. This gives an aspect ratio relationship, giving the cross-ply tyre a unique and distinct ‘tall’ appearance.

Cross ply radial classic tyres

If your vintage tyres come in the form of a cross-ply radial, benefits and advantages are what you can achieve. First, you can enjoy a lither way to drive and steer. Second, the tyres that you are using will provide you with a more comfortable ride and driving experience. Third, these tyres fit well on cars into the sixties circa.

The radial construction of these tyres also has these benefits for your advantage. First, you can achieve a greater directional stability. Second, radial constructed classic tires are known to last longer than cross-ply vintage tyres. Third, radial constructed classic tyres provide more road-holding and traction than cross-ply vintage tyres.