Torsional Vibration Dampers

30 Januar 2019

TVDs damp the vibration in the crankshaft, thereby ensuring smooth running of the belt and the belt drive components. There is an alternative design in the form of torsional vibration damper isolators (TVDi) which offer an additional isolating function.

The high quality of the ContiTech torsional vibration dampers guarantees perfect performance.

Design and function

A TVD consists essentially of:

  • A) Flywheel
  • B) Belt pulley
  • C) Damping elastomer track
  • D) Sliding bearing
  • E) Coupling elastomer track (only in case of TVDi)

The rotating flywheel stabilizes the belt drive. Vibrations in the crankshaft are absorbed by the elastomer track (C). The inner elastomer track (E) damps the cyclic irregularities in the crankshaft.


  • Avoidance of vibrations and slip in the whole belt drive
  • Very smooth operation and low noise generation
  • Optimal service life for belt and other belt drive components
  • Precisely matched to ContiTech multi V-belts
  • Belt and torsional vibration damper from one source in accustomed ContiTech OE quality